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How we Disinfict COVID-19 and other Contagions

PURE Services has 12 years of experience dealing with biohazards, contagions and hazardous waste cleanup.

For COVID-19, we have developed a specialized approach for each clean that we do.

Phase 1 - MISTING (1ST PASS)

First, we use specialised misting equipment to deliver an airborne disinfectant in mist form. It is great for combating any airborne pathogens, and critical areas that are hard-to-reach such as inside air-conditioning units of homes, buildings, and vehicles.

The product we use is 100% plant-based, completely non-toxic, and leaves no residue. It's also safe to breath while spraying- this is essential for many environments, such as food preparation, schools and day cares.

Our mist remains in the air for 2 to 3 hours for maximum effectiveness on airborne pathogens, and also disinfects soft surfaces such as fabrics, carpets, drapes without the need for carpet cleaners and shampoo.

Phase 2 - deep clean

Our team directly disinfects all hard surfaces, an especially touch-points where contamination is most likely to occur.

We use disinfectants and sanitisers which are applied and then cleaned away to ensure complete disinfection, and to break any bio-film residue from other products that may have been used in your site previously.

Phase 3 - MISTING (2ND PASS)

After our deep clean, we do a final pass with the airborne decontaminant, using our misting equipment.

Where appropriate, in some sites, we also use an electrostatic sprayer to apply disinfectant directly in the most effective way possible. The electrostatic sprayer negatively charges our decontamination product so that it adheres to all surfaces tightly and in an evenly application.

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we fully sanitise your...

Business Offices

A safe, healthy environment for you and your staff to work in.


Health clubs & swimming pools have heavy traffic and special cleaning needs.

Rest Homes

Protect our most vulnerable with regular maintenance cleans.

Restaurants & Cafes

We'll decontaminate your kitchen & dining area to keep your food, staff & clients safe.


Protect your home and your family.

Schools & Daycares

Kids need a safe place to grow and explore!

Public Transportation

Protect your staff & customers on buses & trains & ferries.


Keeping our kids safe.

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